Customer Testimonials

In my travels across the south I’ve made it a point to seek out the best, local, tucked away BBQ places that locals seem to flock to. Memphis, Duvalls Bluff, Hot Springs, Birmingham, Columbia SC, all have their legendary BBQ places and I’ve been to every one!

I’ve never found a place that could hold a candle to The BBQ Place on Huntsville Rd. in Fayetteville.
The meat is always perfectly slow-cooked until it falls apart in your mouth. Whether you’re having the ribs (my favorite) or pulled pork sandwich or the smoked chicken wings, you will not be disappointed. The brisket is great as well.
You don’t even need sauce, but they are really good too. I like the hot and sweet mixed 1/2 and 1/2.
And if you don’t try their homemade banana pudding, you’re missing out!
I give The BBQ Place 5 out of 5 stars!

-J.T. Wampler


We had another amazing meal from The Bar-B-Q Place during the Razorback game last weekend! The brisket was to die for! You have our vote for best BBQ in Northwest Arkansas!!!

-Bevin F.


My wife and I stopped in here a few weeks ago for some pulled pork sandwiches. Service was fantastic, food was fantastic. All kinds of neat decor on the walls, including Razorback memorabilia. Definitely worth a visit if you haven’t been. Maybe I’ll venture off the pork and try the brisket next time!

-Eric S.


Man o man, you gotta try the ribs, meat that falls off the bone! Hands down the best around, wet or dry. The sauce is great on everything and my wife loves the pulled pork. And to finish off the banana pudding is better than any I’ve had, including moms (sorry mom). As my grandpa used to say…it’s larapin good!

-Terry C.


I’ve enjoyed the food a couple different times.  The folks are friendly, foods really good, pricing is spot on.   This is a legit spot for bbq fans to eat in or carry out.  You can find them on facebook at

-Trail M.


When I first met Gary he was working out of his food truck/trailer in the parking lot of his parents convenience / video store. A very unassuming location for a foodie to find something special.

Now that he has a fixed location you might think things have changed for him, but in regards to the quality of food he puts out, it has not.

I can sit down and eat a whole rack of ribs all by myself. Trust me, you do not want to be with ten feet of me when that happens, it is not pretty! His rub is perfect and the cook on the ribs is “just right”. They fall apart the way they should and the meat gets that perfect flavor from the smoking he does.

I say this many times, food is a labor of love. Well, Gary has the love! And he even engages his local community by giving back to a local school, helping them out with a portion of the sales during certain days. Now that speaks to his commitment to not only the food but the community around him.

So, on your to do list is; babyback ribs, pulled pork and beef brisket sandwiches, homemade banana pudding and his bbq baked beans. These are all winners in my book!

In summary, go by and give him a try. It will be worth your time and your gasoline, unless you are driving a hybrid vehicle, then it will be worth the electric!!

-Frank E.


The best BBQ and service ever!!!   I live several hours away, but when I go to Fayetteville, Arkansas the Bar-B-Q Place is at the top of my list.

-Jan H.

The thing that makes me keep coming back are his ribs. I do not like ribs normally, they are usually too fatty with not enough meat for my liking, but the ribs here are so good its making my mouth water just thinking about them. They are fall off the bone tender, with great flavor, you don’t even need the sauce, but if you go for sauce, try the hot and spicy, its a rich smoky bbq sauce with a nice kick. I don’t do sides at bbq places because I am not a fan of mustard potato salad or baked beans so I have no opinion there, but the meat is ALL fantastic, you cannot go wrong here. I have never eaten old buns or dry meat from this place, ever, and I have been eating here for years. Try it, it is worth the drive, worth the little more money you would pay, and worth the experience of eating the most tender amazing ribs you will ever find.

-Karen S.



Usually buy 1 lb of brisket and its enough for 8 sandwiches so it is a good bargain and meat is so flavorful you don’t even need bbq sauce!

-Karla H.



I recently moved from Texas to Fayetteville and I’m a big fan of BBQ and have made my own for over 12 years. The way I judge BBQ is by pork ribs and beef brisket, the best of the bunch, no offense to pulled pork eaters. So recently I was driving and saw this little place on the side of the road and thought I would give it a try. I ordered a platter with the two meats and two sides, coleslaw and baked beans.

First the brisket which in my opinion is the hardest BBQ to get right had excellent flavor. This is a really a big deal because brisket from most BBQ joints is bland like I had at Penguin Eds the week before. You have to smother it in BBQ to eat it which is a no no for Texas brisket where smoked brisket was founded. If the Brisket is good you need no sauce. The flavor of this brisket was smoky with excellent beef flavor; the term meat candy comes to mind. If there was any downside was that I wish it was served sliced instead of chop.

With ribs, again you should taste them first without sauce to see what the flavor really is. Many places boil their ribs which makes them fall off the bone but also flavorless and mushy.  Of course if you smother your food in sweet BBQ sauce you can make crap taste good. Ribs should taste of sweet pork with a smoky flavor.  The ribs at the BBQ Place are loin ribs which are more expensive than spare ribs but in my opinion are slightly better. They did everything right with flavor and amount of meat. These were listed on the menu to be baby back ribs but I am not too sure about that since it really a meaningless terms though some say they should weight 2 or 2.5 lbs or less for a rack.   These ribs would have exceeded that weight which is a good thing because they were meatier. These ribs should satisfy any rib fan and the two homemade sauces they have on the tables is good for those who like their ribs with sauce.

The sides were excellent, homemade coleslaw and not sure if the baked beans were homemade but no biggie as they were excellent. My only complaint is the meals are served with what is tradition at many BBQ joints, plain white packaged slice bread. I know it is tradition but this is one of those traditions that need to die. Definitely not a deal breaker as I don’t go to BBQ joints to eat bread.

As for atmosphere, this is a joint, you order at the counter and pay your bill and they bring the BBQ to you. Nothing special but since it was slow I had the opportunity to talk BBQ with the owner/clerk/pit master. Nice gentleman who started as a BBQ fan and then practiced, practiced, practiced until he nailed his recipes. He started with trailer open three days a week and now has had this restaurant about 6 months. This is how good BBQ is made, with passion and dedication which is not as common as it should be.

I usually don’t consider poultry to be real BBQ but after talking with the owner I ordered some wings to take home for dinner. These are not deep fried buffalo wings but true smoked BBQ wings. They sat in the fridge until dinner when I heated them up in the microwave. First I have to say the owner is on to something. They are very different than most BBQ chicken I have eaten and very smoky. I do think the rub is way too salty but other than that these wings were very very good.  You need to give these unique wings a try.

In conclusion; if you are a true BBQ fan, you have to give this place a try. I can’t think of many BBQ places I have just stumbled in to that do so many things well. If the owner reads this, please give me some bread that matches the excellence of the rest of the items I ate, and give me an option for beer, nothing goes better with BBQ than beer.  Do that and you will get 5 stars from me.  BTW, The BBQ Place blows away that arctic pigeon BBQ place down the road in all respects.  And the prices are extremely reasonable.

-Jeff H.



Those Ribs. Do yourself a favor and try this place out today… and tomorrow… and the next day. It is that good. If you like, pork, brisket or chicken, then you will love The Bar-B-Q Place. The smoked chicken legs are awesome, too. And the ribs. Fall off the bone, meaty and perfect smokey taste. Best I’ve ever had. The only bad thing I can say about the ribs is they are so good it keeps me from trying out the bbq nachos and bbq chicken legs. Chocolate cake and homemade banana pudding for dessert. Friendly service and now will be showing Razorback football games in HDTV. I can see myself spending a lot of time here on Saturdays.

-Jim M.


The last year I have driven past this little restaurant on my way to babysit or house sit. Over the last yeah I have wondered if this little place was worth a try. So tonight heading out that way Cj (my boyfriend) and I thought we might try and new restaurant out and it was a wonderful decision. From the moment I walked in to the moment I walked out I was pleased with the appearance of the restaurant which is a big thing for me. But the service I received was one of the best services I have ever had from someone working in a restaurant. Now the food was something to die for. From the moment I began eating to the time I ended I was in heaven. The meat was perfectly cooked, the sauce was the perfect sweet but with the perfect smoke taste. The sides were amazing and everything complimented the other. This restaurant is absolutely amazing and I can not wait to experience it again. I would highly recommend this little restaurant on the side of the road to anyone who wants a new place to try, but I really recommend this place to those BBQ lovers like me who need new BBQ to try!!

-Alexa E.


Some of the tastiest and most tender, fall off the bone ribs I’ve had. Great service, food, dessert, and sweet tea that’ll have you coming back for more!

-Charlton M.


Best Barbecue in NW Arkansas! Must have the Homemade Banana Pudding.

-Deane T.



The ribs were so tender and it literally fell off the bone. Brisket was the best I’ve ever had, it was just perfect with the beans. And the price was just right.



Excellent BBQ! We got our food to go because we like to eat at home. The potato salad was absolutely delicious as well as the Cole slaw. The meat was absolutely smoked to perfection, my husband and I could not stop talking about how amazing the meal was while we were eating. The only thing I was disappointed about was their desserts aren’t homemade and their side of bread is just a plain piece of white bread, not toasted or anything. However, they are called “The Bar-B-Q Place”, not “homemade dessert and toasted bread place”. They definitely live up to their name and we will be eating there again!

-Jessica B